Week One: Little Rhody Top 5

Since leaving Wisconsin and embarking on my “Rhode” trip one week ago, I have discovered a few things:

1. Traffic jams make me feel like this…

stuck in Chicago...
stuck in Chicago...

2. It IS physically possible to stuff myself, my parents and all of my things in my Focus. How, you ask? Strategery (thank you, SNL).

See, it CAN be done!
See, it CAN be done!
strategery in action

3. The La Pigna sculpture welcoming people to Federal Hill (very similar to Brady St. in Milwaukee I’ve discovered) is actually a pinecone; not a pineapple.

it's still a pineapple to me.
I still think it's a pineapple

 4. Air conditioning is a luxury and I am not, I repeat, NOT jealous in any way of those who have it. At least not directly…however, seeing as though I hang out with an ice pack most evenings so as to not over heat, a rant of some sort against our temperature guage  is imminent…

you can't make this stuff up!
you can't make this stuff up!

5. It’s going to be a wacky and fun, challenging and exciting, intensely theatrical season! Of which I have no photo to demonstrate, so…

(nsert random photo of self here)
(insert random photo of self here)

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