Nine (to five…)

Nine hours in New York City, that’s all the time I had.

To…do what exactly? For sure something wicked cool and rad!

A dish of PinkBerry was on my agenda. That much I could derive.

But what else? *Gasp* Go see a musical…like maybe 9 to 5!

Though I’d seen it once before, this day was most unique.

For 9 to 5 was closing; terminating its Broadway streak.

I needed to go, to see it before it vanished.

Though not winning the ticket lottery, I suddenly felt banished.

The parental unit was called upon to help their little girl, all alone in the big city,

From Wisconsin they typed…voila! In the fourth row I ended up, sitting quite pretty.

The ringing phone, a buzzer…the show was about to start!

I could not wait for all the theatrics that they were about to impart.

Allison Janney took the stage and the crowd went utterly wild.

As this tall performer simply stood before us…and smiled.

It was tough for her to carry on; knowing this performance would be her last.

The hours were few, before Broadway’s 9 to 5 would be just a memory of recent past.

The show was phenominal; energy spewing from every which way,

As actors danced and sang, trying to keep bouts of tears (unsuccessfully) at bay.

The final song was sung and the audience lept to their feet,

In appreciation for this wonderfully creative musical treat.

To the stage door I fled, Play Bill in hand.

Hopeful for an autograph, but in a huge crowd I did stand.

Mark Kudisch and Allison greeted fans, then Megan Hilty followed suit.

Once signatures were gotten; I made off with my loot.

9 to 5 was fabulous! So creative and well done, it’s a shame it can’t stay.

But when money’s not rolling in, “Bye bye,” doth old Broadway say.

To be part of the final show was absolutely fantastic, I must admit.

And to meet the actress I admire most…well, for me that was just it!

A dish of PinkBerry accompanied me while walking to Grand Central, oh what a blast!

Nine hours in New York City is how I spent Sunday last.

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