Well, Our Names Both Start With “N”…

For about 10 minutes tonight I was in an episode of Frasier. Sometimes my mind works like that…when something odd happens to me, I can instantly reference a TV show, movie quote, song, etc.  Tonight happened to be one of those nights (and it involves one of my favorite Frasier intros). I was doing my usual multi-tasking – preparing to make dijon potatoes and brown sugar glazed salmon while a gaggle of laundry was assembling itself in the basement and I was about to enjoy a glass of German Spätlese. It was enroute to said glass that it all happened…

Corkscrews are tricky beasts. All I wanted to do was try the first bottle of German wine I’ve found out here (seriously, wines from EVERYWHERE else – except Germany – can be found in abundance…even my rare Castello di Meleto wine from the tiny castle in the depths of the Chianti region of Italy, but that’s another story), though my corkscrew, on the other hand, apparently had a different idea. In the process of openng the bottle, my left index finger got pinched in one of the rabbit ears on the side as I was pushing them down. Pinch, “Ouch,” a hint of blood, and the next 10 minutes of my life were vaguely – and I use that term quite loosely – similar to this (but without the classical music…and the iron…and the dog…and, of course, the fire…).

Good thing I figured out that nursing wasn’t my schtik after freshman year, huh? I was definately lying on the couch for a few minutes to stop the room from spinning after the corkscrew essentially bit me, though I wasn’t quite as dramatic as Niles. But it was at that moment of staring at our living room ceiling  from our make-shift couch/twin bed that I thought of this Frasier episode and how it would make me laugh at the whole situation. Suddenly, I hopped up upon realizing my laundry was about done, I hadn’t drank any wine and dinner had yet to make its way to the oven…and  there really is no point to this story except that I cut my finger, got a little dizzy and thought of Frasier. The end.

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