Eugene Lee Day (or the adventure of the interns at Eugene Lee’s house)

Sat down to lunch with Eugene Lee this past Tuesday…you know, the Tony-award-winning scenic designer? See, there’s this little musical called Wicked. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Well, this is the gentleman who designed it thus earning him one of many Tony awards. Did I mention he’s also the Production Designer for SNL? And the Resident Designer for Trinity? Oh, and lastly, he’s from Beloit, WI. Small world, eh?

Imagine nine  interns gathered around a table sipping on homemade lentil and brown rice soup whilst Eugene Lee tells us fabulous stories. I nearly fell out of my chair when he said he’s from Wisconsin as I clearly did not do my research before the lunch, otherwise I would have known such an important detail. Note to self: If I know I’ll be meeting someone of importance well ahead of the actual meeting…dramaturg that shit! (And I totally just pulled a Kristin…oh dear)

After lunch we went to his studio and heard a bit about his vision for The Odd Couple (and how he feels about the RI fire codes…it’s a sore subject that he will forever be pissed and bitter about), saw some models, drawings, tools, teeny tiny chairs and, of course, “The List” (which it is actually titled…no joke).  “The List” has every single play he’s set to design for this season. Let’s just say he’s going to be a busy man.

Twas an interesting afternoon to say the least. One thing he said to us at lunch which will stick with me for a while is, “You can never learn less.” It’s quite true, is it not? It’s never been phrased like that to me before.  And it was that attitude that got him into theater…more or less. I love learning new things! Each day around here brings something new with it, or at least I try to have that mentality. I spoke at a URI class of senior theater students on Wednesday with a fellow intern about how to market themselves…got to be on-book for Shooting Star (highlight of my day!)…will be hosting a table with another one of my fellow interns at an exhibition-esque thing of English teachers…see, so many new things; so little time. But, we will be making time for some new things on Saturday because…TARA IS VISITING FOR THE WEEKEND! It’ll be her first time in the city (in The Prov too) and we’re going to have a blast! I can already NYC picture it: Natty and Tco take Manhatten…

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  1. I resent the implication that pulling a Kristin is anything less than sexy and debonair. No need for an “oh dear” — dramaturgy is hot. I used to have a pin that said, “dramaturgs do it in the form of a question.”

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