Natty and T.Co take Manhattan: The Top Ten

1. Tara’s first: Going to NYC for the first time and arriving in Grand Central Station. Natalie’s first: Finally finding a red velvet cupcake…only took 3 different trips to the city and 3 different bakeries.

2. Seeing a slightly ominous forecast for NYC (despite a decent looking morning in The Prov), then praying for no rain…”Dear God, please don’t let it rain on our parade. Love, Tara and Natalie.”

3. Searching for hours for a slice of pizza to satisfy Tara’s craving only to find nothing but guys with hot dogs, nuts and shish kabobs…

4. Experiencing the joy of PinkBerry…enough said.

5. Discovering that sound effects really do make life easier, “Rawrrrr” (at which we then realized that we are totally a combination of Elena Carson in Shooting Starspooky).

6. Trudging around Central Park with aching feet in a steady drizzle simply to say we’d been to Central Park and then pulling up a bench along one of the wide, statue-decorated walkways to rest and people/nature watch. “It’s so easy to be distracted by nature I didn’t think was in New York City, like three raccoons climbing down a tree in Central Park.” – Tara (ps: we did actually see that and it was fascinating!)

7. Looking at a map and seeing that the Brooklyn Bridge was a bit further away than we thought, only to emerge from underground and discover that it was right in front of us! And then upon returning to the subway we were seranaded by a man playing a bongo drum

8. Sitting down for a lovely dinner at Mon Petite Cafe …pumpkin soup $7.95; glass of Bordeaux $9.00; two hours off your feet in a cozy restaurant with a good friend and french cuisine, PRICELESS. There are some things money can’t buy, but for everything else, well, just hope on a chilly, damp NYC evening you get a table next to the heater.

9. Being asked by a comedy show promoter if we liked comedy (in an attempt to eventually get us to buy tickets to a show). Our exchange went a little something like this…Tara: “No.” Natalie: “We’re very serious people” (said completely deadpan). “Oh,” mumbled the guy who proceeded to hang his head and walk away.

10. Taking a picture with Claire (in spirit/my cell phone) in Times Square.

Times Square

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