These precious moments, hold them very dear…

First I had a dinner of  a hot dog, mac n’cheese, green beans and milk. And now I’m watching one of my favorite holiday movies as a child: Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. Yes, I am 23 years old; not 5.

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street is filled with classics such as Cookie Monster writing to Santa asking for, what else? Cookies! But ends up eating his various writing tools (pencil, typewriter, phone) because they all seem to resemble his favorite treat (ps: I’ve heard they might change Cookie Monster’s name and/or make him eat healthier things because all his cookie-obsessing might be a link to childhood obesity or something like that…though in this movie he never actually eats any cookies. Funny, no?). Then Grover is trying to figure out how Santie Claus fits down the chimney by asking a bunch of kids what they think. Bert and Ernie get each other presents to hold two of their most prized possessions (Bert’s coveted paper clip collection and Ernie’s famed rubber duckie) only to discover they’ve traded those special things to buy each other an item in which to hold them and in swoops Mr. Hooper to the rescue! And of course, there’s Big Bird who’s worrying after Oscar told him Santa can’t possibly fit down all those skinny chimneys seeing as he’s built like a dump truck (true story), after which he sits on the roof of a building freezing his giblets off (that part always scared me a bit…the music, shadows, ohhh creepy!).  It’s a holiday classic in the truest sense.

I’ve probably seen it hundreds of times from our well-worn VHS copy that we taped the 1978 movie off of PBS ages ago.  And it never fails to bring back memories of me sitting on the couch in my pajamas (with feet!) by my mom and dad, a fire going in the background and the Christmas tree all lit up and decorated mere feet away. Well, I don’t have a fireplace right now, our tiny artificial two foot tree is sans lights or ornaments at the moment and I’m not in pajamas, but the fond memories of Christmases past are still the same and tend to stick with me throughout the years…just as the song goes!

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  1. Dude. You’re behind the Sesame Street times. Cookie Monster eats vegetables now, because “cookies are a sometime food.” This was the most crushing blow to my childhood since Charlotte died in “Charlotte’s Web.”

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