How to eat gourmet pretzels on a low-fare airline

Definately the highlight of my trip home yesterday – verbatim from the bag of pretzels:

AirTran Gourmet Pretzels Eating Instructions
1. Think about our wonderful low fares at as you open packet.
2. Place a pretzel in mouth. With each crunch, be reminded of our low fares.
3. As you swallow, remember again just how low the fares are. (um…that’s what she said?)
4. Repeat until pretzel packet is empty.
5. Keep empty packet to remind yourself to book at, where you’ll always find our lowest fares.

I had no one to share number 3 with! So I just giggled to myself and thought of how much the rest of The Prov house would appreciate that one. And then went back to reading Shooting Star cause it’s such an appropriate play for travelers this weekend.

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