2009: The Year of Travel

When I think back on all that has happened in 2009, travel seems to be the one constant. I have journeyed to so many new and exciting places (and old favorites), thus 2009 is being dubbed ‘The Year of Travel.’

Here’s the breakdown:
– Walt Disney World (x2)
– New York City (first time in April…now there’ve been too many trips there to count!)
– London, Stonehenge and Bath
– Paris (and Disneyland Paris, oh la la!)
– Rome and Pompeii
– Eau Claire, WI
– Ohio
– Providence, RI (and pretty much ALL over the state. It’s so big, after all…)
– Massachusetts…Boston, et al.
– Connecticut (They’re full of surprises! No really, ask them. It says so on the state welcome sign.

And I think the picture below really sums up ‘The Year of Travel’ (anyone else picture Al Roker saying that, like how he says “Sunday Night Football in America?” Ok, it must just be me). It’s been a challenging ride 2009, but the memories will never fade.


2 thoughts on “2009: The Year of Travel

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  1. Um, I am totally stealing this idea and doing a reflection of all the places I went in 2009 to make me feel better about not being able to travel for a while…at least being able to get paid while on vacation, that is. Oh, and next year I am totally going to NYC in December!!!

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