No bones about it!

So, I came across this article about how Snoopy was named the Top Dog in pop culture via an American Kennel Club survey. Snoopy is top dog? Balls. Goofy even beat out Pluto, ranking 29 to 35, respectively. I bet it’s cause he’s anthropomorphic and Pluto’s, well, just a dog. Balls again.

Now, I am incredibly biased when I say that I think Pluto ought to rank higher than 35. Since his debut in 1930 he’s starred in 48 of his OWN films, two of which have won Academy Awards (betcha didn’t know that, huh?). And he’s been deemed the mascot of all Disney characters, in addition to being one of the “Fab Five” along side Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Snoopy is great too, really, don’t get me wrong. He can fly his own dog house for crying out loud. Not many pups can say they do that; not even Pluto (I should try to teach him how…nah, he’d probably just end up falling with style instead of flying [HA! Toy Story reference, anybody?]). Alright, getting off my soap box now….back to the dog house. Article link is below.

Snoopy Named Top Dog in Pop Culture

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