Adventures in Tomato Bisque and Bicycling

Sunday night I decided to attempt tomato bisque. Why, you ask? (even if you didn’t ask, I’d tell you anyway) Well, honestly it was because I wanted to use up some leftover tofu. And the picture of the soup looked so yummy, I couldn’t resist. After a bit of ad-libbing  (due to cutting the recipe in half yet still adding a bit too much tofu…oops), plus two rounds of intense blending and some fresh parmesan cheese, voila! Hearty tomato bisque.  It’s amazing how flavorful it was and how much it didn’t taste tofu-ey. And the fresh parm on top…whoa! Even better! And this comes from a life-long meat-eater who didn’t try tofu until 3 months ago. No joke. If you’re feeling adventurous, click on the picture for the recipe. Just be sure to use silken tofu instead of firm. Then you won’t have to blend the hell out of it.

Last night at the Y, bicycling was on the agenda. Great! I can bike AND watch the GW v.s. VA women’s basketball game while trying not to think about how long it’s been since I played basketball (and the Y’s crappy basketball only hours…it’s frustrating and that’s all I’ll say about). Anyway, what’s unique about The Prov’s Y is that nearly all the cardio equipment have their own personal tv’s. Awesome. [PS: Saw this hilarious commercial and started laughing out loud – Subway.]

So I headed over to the stationary bikes, complete with tv’s…or so I thought. Instead of watching the game (or Family Guy that I was dying to see), I had to engage in a video game-esque program that tracked my speed, heart rate and the like all while the screen moved along in the 2.6 mile “Evening Bliss” route and I tried to keep control of the moveable handle bars. It was like a suped up Wii Fit. At first it was fun, but then as I got lost in the fake sunset programmed before me, I felt like I was one of those people in Walle – only kind of the opposite effect, but the general the same concept…biking and biking and biking nowhere on this machine that was showing me a manufactured sunset (though it was quite colorful and looked pretty realistic) and making me steer to keep on course whilst I peddle away to, that’s right, nowhere! But then, I was hooked. As I was moving along, so to speak, I kept thinking about how this kind of technology could really help people get more physical activity into their daily life and how it makes you pay attention by having you steer to stay on the path and avoid hitting other virtual bikers, virtual trees and virtually annoying rabbits.  As odd as it was at the beginning, I kept thinking how cool it’d be if they had one of these for the treadmills…

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