The Saga of All Things Red Velvet Continues…

Three weeks ago I was in NYC and gave Magnolia and Crumbs’ red velvet cupcakes another chance…mainly because it was Valentines Day (Can you REALLY have any other cupcake on this holiday besides red velvet? I didn’t think so) and it was my friends first time in the city. Therefore, Magnolia was mandatory (Crumbs was a gift for a housemate, from which I demanded a bite to see if anything had changed since last time I had one…it hadn’t). Did I really expect them to be different from last time? Not really. And they weren’t. The family standing by us in Magnolia got into a discussion about the so-called cream cheese frosting and we chimed in and came to the same conclusion: Good red velvet, crappy frosting.

Two weeks ago I made a red velvet cake. Ok, it was from a box, I admit it! And I had some low sugar cream cheese frosting (why I bought that kind, I have no idea…) and made the cake in a bundt pan. Some how I think bundt pans make everything taste better. It wasn’t too bad…I blamed its so-so taste on the frosting. But I brought it to our intern lunch and it went over pretty well. Guess I’m a harsh red velvet critic (Well, duh! If that’s not already obvious…).

One week ago I found out that Yoplait came out with a new yogurt flavor…you guessed it. Red velvet! Jury’s still out on that one as I have yet to try it, let alone see it in a store. It’s funny how some of the flavors are available out east and some aren’t. PS: The red velvet cake box mix came from Milwaukee because it is SOOOO not available anywhere in The Prov except places that are semi-out of my price range like William Sonoma, Crate and Barrel and the like.

And there you have it – the most recent developments in my red velvet saga. There are a few places in The Prov that I’ve been told have pretty wicked red velvet cupcakes…the hunt is still on!

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