All Good Things Must Come to an End, Even Those of the Red Velvet Variety…

Since I’ve been living in The Prov, it’s been a challenge, goal, aspiration, weird schtick (call it what you will) of mine to find the best red velvet cupcake in Manhattan. Well, this weekend is one of the last times I’ll be visiting NYC from Providence. I recently got a new job in Princeton, NJ that I’ll be starting in a few weeks and thought it only fitting that my great red velvet search come to an end this Fourth of July weekend as it was something I started shortly after arriving in The Prov (And I also realized that I hadn’t written anything on here in…oh 2.5 months. Oops!). I still have at least 3 places to try this weekend and had better come to a decision by Monday afternoon or else !! *vehemently shakes fist in the air*

Here are the current cupcakeries frequented in Natalie’s Great NYC Adventures in Red Velvet (note: rankings will be done at the conclusion of the holiday weekend):

– Magnolia Bakery
– Crumbs
– BIlly’s Bakery
– Sweet Revenge
– Sugar Sweet Sunshine
– Amy’s Bakery


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