Gdy Sliczna Panna

It’s just after 2AM and I’m sitting in my dimly lit living room in Princeton, NJ, with my Christmas tree on and sparkling, replaying Polish Christmas Carols…

Though I do not understand the words (even trying to follow along with the lyrics I get lost), this particular song conjures up so many memories and I just get lost in the lyrics. I believe the translation is ‘the gracious lady’…don’t quote me and my translation skills (brought to you by Google Translate) on that though. It’s a soft, lovely song to have on quietly in the background whilst relaxing near the Christmas tree, sipping tea under a cozy blanket on a very early weekday morning on a chilly December day…wow, that’s an oddly specific description, eh? The music, the tree, the tea, the blanket, the lights; I will never tire of it all. It reminds me of home and Christmases that have passed us by…

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