2010: The Year of Red Velvet

If last year was the year of Travel; this year, it’s Red Velvet (This brief 2010 reflection is coming to you live at 2:45AM on 1/1/11 [ohh, that’s freaky lookin’] due to my falling asleep on the couch around 11PM and waking up, oh…like five minutes ago. Holy anticlimactic New Years, Batman.)

Since moving out East, I’ve become somewhat of a red velvet connoisseur. From cupcakes (mini, jumbo, vegan, sexy, sassy – you name it, I’ve had it!), to tea, to yogurt, to anything else creative chefs out there dream up…if it’s red velvet, I MUST try it!

I believe my first taste of red velvet was at a wedding in 2008. I recall being intrigued by the color, overall appearance and flavor, but that was all. Then upon moving to Rhode Island and  frequently traveling to NYC, I noticed that red velvets were popping up at nearly all the cupcake shops and stands throughout the city. It was during one of my NYC trips last October that I decided to challenge myself to find the best red velvet cupcake in Manhattan (despite what a previous entry says, the search is still on, btw). And thus, the obsession begun and has since exploded into discovering more and more things of a red velvety nature. I’ve sampled a variety of red velvet goodies in the last year and have come up with a standard of sorts: Color, flavor and density are crucial and cream cheese frosting is an absolute must.

My Ultimate Red Velvet List:
red velvet cupcakes
regular size
sexy (white buttercream frosting)
sassy (chocolate buttercream frosting)
raspberry red velvet
red velvet coffee
red velvet cookies
red velvet tea (thank you, Argo Tea in NYC, for being one of my must-do’s when trekking into the city)
red velvet cake frozen custard
red velvet frozen yogurt
red velvet yogurt

Another reason for making 2010 the year of Red Velvet is that so many people know of this obsession and are frequently finding recipes for me, sending me fun red velvet things, texting me photos of wacky red velvet foods they’ve encountered…I absolutely LOVE it all!

So long 2010, hello 2011. Here’s to another year of awesome red velvet discoveries! (I’ll officially toast to that in a few hours when I’m sipping my red velvet cake coffee with breakfast.)

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