Jameson, Gaelic Storm and Yellow Thai Curry, Oh My!

Ya know those days where you make a meal and it just completely tops everything you’ve made in quite a while? And you are just so utterly happy, satisfied and almost in disbelief that such a few little things could make you so content? Tonight was one of those rare nights.

I bought a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey today (my first ever…and yes, I am 25) in an attempt to satisfy a craving for a Jameson and Ginger. I can’t really explain why I really wanted one seeing as I’ve never actually had one before, save a few stolen sips from others in Rhode Island. But, I digress.

So, Gaelic Storm fills my apartment (to which I may or may not have been dancing and jamming out to), my drink is chilling in the freezer (which I forgot about and then it nearly turned into a J/G slushy) and I’m whipping up some beef and vegetables with a yellow Thai curry sauce over brown rice. Amazing. And the cool drink was the perfect complement! What could possibly make this evening better? The West Wing.

I’m making my way through Season 6 right now – which I haven’t seen either at all or since it aired (I was down in WDW at the time and was…umm…otherwise occupied hanging out with some wacky characters). It was the perfect combination: cool drink, great food, fantastic TV show. One couldn’t ask for a better way to spend a Sunday evening. Except, maybe, to spend it with some of my West Winging, Jameson drinking, curry-loving Trinterns from last year. But alas…

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