My New P’ton Digs

Q: My new apartment in Princeton is…
– A. Close enough for me to walk to the theater
– B. $200 less than I paid for my old apartment
– C. Across the street from the only legit bar in town

A: All of the above (Ah ha! Trick question!)

So I’ve been at the new digs for a little over a week now and definitely have had one too many rousing games of ‘Where the Hell Did I Put That?’ and ‘Where is That Other Thing?’…and as fun and entertaining as those games may be (let’s be honest here – me tossing clothes about for 15 minutes looking for something… if that’s not pure entertainment then I don’t know what is), I’m still only about half unpacked. Oops.

The apartment is about two-thirds the size of the previous cave, behemoth, monstrous box I was living in before – which is great. But now since I have less space I need to consolidate and get rid of some things, which I kinda have been…key word: kinda. It’s just taking me longer than I thought. And also, because I’m on the third and top floor of the building, many of the walls are slanted. They give the place nice character, but present a challenge when it comes to hanging things. And all the walls in the kitchen (except one!) are also slanted and thus, there are no high cabinets. They are all underneath the counters. For someone who’s vertically gifted (that’s the opposite of vertically challenged, right?), such as myself, that is its own unique situation: trying to figure out where to put things so I’m not stooping down to the floor all the time and making an even bigger bum out of my already bum back. Creative organization…that’s all it’ll take. I’ll post more photos once things are more organized and boxes are put away, but for now, here’s one of me in the empty living room:

YAY! New apartment!

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