Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

What could possibly be sweeter than sweet potatoes (besides that pun)? Sweet potatoes stuffed with cranberry cinnamon goat cheese, that’s what! Inspired by this recipe I found via Pinterest—Roasted grape, goat cheese, and honey stuffed sweet potatoes—but less fancy, not as time-consuming, and perfect for one person.

I was all set to hit this recipe head-on, ingredient for ingredient (we all know how much I like to ad-lib) until I began looking for the goat cheese and saw this:

Hmm, goat cheese with cranberries and cinnamon…like, together? WIN. To Wegmans’ amazing cheese selection: this Wisconsinite thanks you, not only for the cheese, but for making this cooking venture infinitely easier! Two ingredients. That’s it. Easy cheesy (c’mon, you know you’d be disappointed if I didn’t make that comment)!

Natalie’s Extremely Simplified and Semi-Ad-Libbed Recipe for Cranberry and Cinnamon Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

– One sweet potato
– Cranberry cinnamon goat cheese (Trader Joes makes an excellent cranberry goat cheese, btw)

Cook the sweet potato however you’d like. I’ve been using the microwave because I’m usually under a time constraint and insanely hungry (stab the sweet potato a few times, put it in a bowl, and add some water; cook for about 8-ish minutes on high, rotating after about 4 minutes). Once the sweet potato is done, slit open the top and mix the inside up a little bit. Add a slice of goat cheese on top and voila!

The goat cheese will slowly melt and you’ll end up with something like this, nom, nom!

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  1. yum! i just printed this recipe out – a great and easy idea for this weekend and for guests. 🙂

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