Top 5: Walt Disney World

#wdwnatcon That's right, we used a hashtag for our Disney trip (thanks for the inspiration, Meghan). Five fun-filled days of excellent food, drinks, and, of course, the kind of magic one can only get on a Walt Disney World vacation. Quick back story: I haven't been down to WDW in two and a half years; The Boy... Continue Reading →

29.5 Hours in Washington DC

Ah, Washington DC. I went there for the first time last weekend and discovered two things about our nation's capital: one, the White House is way smaller in real life than on TV or in movies (I also expected DC in general to be more like The West Wing, damn TV totally skewing my reality) and... Continue Reading →

Week One: Little Rhody Top 5

Since leaving Wisconsin and embarking on my "Rhode" trip one week ago, I have discovered a few things: 1. Traffic jams make me feel like this... 2. It IS physically possible to stuff myself, my parents and all of my things in my Focus. How, you ask? Strategery (thank you, SNL). 3. The La Pigna sculpture welcoming people... Continue Reading →

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