My Hips Don’t Lie…Until They Do

With each passing year since my spinal fusion (yesterday marks 22!) new aches occasionally pop up reminding me that, while I had corrective surgery, scoliosis is still very much present in my body—and always will be. I’m aware of the usual culprits by now: discomfort on my left side where my upper curve lingers, a... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Feel My Scar

I always reflect on my scoliosis journey on this day—my spinal fusion anniversary. I've been incredibly lucky to do and accomplish so many things over the past 21 years, from running marathons to working as a Disney character to embracing my inner woman of steel and start strength training. And all with metal rods flanking... Continue Reading →

The Great Golden Spinal Fusion-versary

Today is my back’s “golden birthday”. Nineteen years ago today on February 19, 2001, my life changed forever. Hello, stainless steel surgical rods, meet my scoliotic-ridden spine, of which you’re about to become intimately familiar. I’ve shared my back story many times over the years, from here on my blog to the Children’s Hospital of... Continue Reading →

My New Favorite Disney Essentials

The fiancé and I went to Walt Disney World at the end of April - no running this time! We actually went purely for vacation (what an enjoyable change of pace)! The last time I was at Walt Disney World for the International Flower and Garden festival was when I was a 20-year-old on the... Continue Reading →

Find Your Steel | Scoliosis Awareness Month

I’ve written a lot about my scoliosis journey over the years (here, then here, and don’t forget here). It’s been one of, if not the, single-most impactful, defining experience in my life. Every year on my spinal fusion-versary (February 19) I get a little nostalgic and reminisce about various things: the Bath and Body Works... Continue Reading →

Baby, Got Back?

"I want you to count backward from 100." An anesthesia mask looms above. "Here, this tastes like bubble gum." I think to myself, "Ew, it most certainly does NOT taste like bubble gum." I start counting and barely make it to 97 when the room gets hazy and then...darkness. That was 10 years ago this... Continue Reading →

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