Until We Meet Again…

... "What I find most astonishing, I think, is the wonder of daylight, of the sun. All the centuries, millenniums-all the history-I wonder if that's why we sleep at night, because the darkness still...frightens us? ...come now; we can begin the day." - Agnes, Edward Albee's A Delicate Balance   I still consider myself a... Continue Reading →

It’s Raining Lear

"And thou, all-shaking thunder, strike flat the thick rotundity o' the world!" It all started when the virtual ticket lottery for Shakespeare in the Park was, well, much ado about nothing. (Which also happened to be the name of the first show of the park season...coincidence? You bet your Benedick.) So for the second show... Continue Reading →

12 for 2012

I will freely admit that I'm not one for New Year's resolutions. In fact, I kind of dislike them (I really don't know why; the word 'resolution' just bothers me for some reason). However, being severely under the weather these last few weeks has afforded me some much unexpected downtime (both a blessing and a... Continue Reading →

Destination: Milwaukee

Remember that time I drove from Princeton to Milwaukee over Labor Day weekend to surprise my parents? True story. Last month (better late than never with blogging, right?), a co-worker and I set out on a spontaneous, epic—and lengthy—journey to the Midwest, with stops in Streetsboro (Ohio...just for the night...thankfully), Kalamazoo, Chicago (where I dropped her off), and... Continue Reading →

Nine (to five…)

Nine hours in New York City, that's all the time I had. To...do what exactly? For sure something wicked cool and rad! A dish of PinkBerry was on my agenda. That much I could derive. But what else? *Gasp* Go see a musical...like maybe 9 to 5! Though I'd seen it once before, this day was most... Continue Reading →

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