12 for 2012

I will freely admit that I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I kind of dislike them (I really don’t know why; the word ‘resolution’ just bothers me for some reason). However, being severely under the weather these last few weeks has afforded me some much unexpected downtime (both a blessing and a curse, let me tell you) in which to convalesce, ponder, relax, ponder some more, do random putzy things around my apartment, read, more pondering, sleep…and lather, rinse, repeat!

So during this newfound time I came up with a list of 12 things for 2012. They’re not resolutions per se, but they’re not exactly goals either. Insert random movie quote here: “it’s more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules” (Quick, name that movie!). How about this? It’s a list of 12 things that I want to make happen, learn, and experience before 2012 comes to a close…ok, fine, call them resolutions (just don’t do it in ear shot of me).

  1. Travel somewhere new: This is actually one of my lifetime travel goals—to travel to at least one new destination per year—along with seeing all 50 states before I’m 50. Jury’s still out on where I’m headed this year…I think I need to find a globe, spin it, and just blindly point to a spot. That always works out, right?
  2. Be more timely: Clearly this is a work in progress (i.e. a blog post like this two weeks into 2012 already).
  3. Bake/cook more often: A creature of habit when it comes to baking and cooking, I need to branch out. It’s not that I eat out that often, but I tend to stick with easy familiar recipes and now I’m getting a little bored. Recipe thoughts and suggestions are welcome!
  4. Run a 5K: For real this year.
  5. Incorporate more theater and play reading into my schedule: I watched Anna Deavere Smith’s eye-opening Let Me Down Easy last night on PBS and it really reminded me of why I love theater and do what I do (we all need that every now and then, yes?). I saw it off-Broadway in 2009 and was blown away. Check it out: “I can’t talk to ya right now. You’re using up my chi!” Seeing as theater is not my immediate background, (though I have learned and seen a lot over the last few years) there’s always room for more!
  6. Do one thing a week for no other reason than because I want to (and not feel guilty about it): For starters, this weekend I’m going to go see a movie. (Anyone who knows me well will know that I rarely see movies in the theater…most recent was Bridesmaids. Enough said.)
  7. De-clutter my apartment and don’t let my semi-pack rat tendencies and absurd craft supply hoarding get the better of me: Already started doing this last week. Win.
  8. Read more, write more, and learn new things: Easier said than done, but I’m actively working on it (while boycotting/avoiding e-readers as a crutch to read more).
  9. See a project through from beginning to end: Remember that time I thought it’d be a fun idea to make a quilt entirely by hand? Yeah…don’t ask me how that’s going.
  10. If a new article of clothing or pair of shoes is bought, another must be gotten rid of: I got a few new things over the holidays and already have a bag of clothes ready for Goodwill. Solid start!
  11. 2012—The Year of the Art Journal: I’ve been toying around with starting one for a while just for fun (and to actually use things in my giant craft supply stash). Plus, I found this blog post so inspiring that it sealed the deal: The Year of the Art Journal
  12. Be me: That’s all!

I know I’m two weeks late, but here’s to a happy and healthy 2012! For the record: I have no doubt that anything written from a feverish Natalie over the holidays would have been highly entertaining, but most likely full of snark, too many commas, and quite incoherent.

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