Hot Town, Summer in Milwaukee

Beer, festivals, and more beer, oh my! As much as I enjoy my snowy Wisconsin winters, summertime in Milwaukee just can't be beat. I took a quick trip home last weekend to see family and friends, sip some new brews, and of course, take in as much of what the city has to offer as... Continue Reading →

The Newbies of Brew City

Milwaukee ain't called Brew City for nothing. Despite growing up in Milwaukee, I haven't always been a beer drinker (what can I say - it's an acquired taste, even for this gal). It's only been in the last few years (and ironically, since I've been living on the East Coast) that I've grown to like beer.... Continue Reading →

The Great 30th Year Photo Project

#natalies365photoproject Last year on my birthday (when I turned the big 3-0), I embarked on a year-long journey of taking one photo every day for the entire year. This wasn't my first go-around with a 365 photo project; I did one when I first moved to New Jersey and started it on my 25th birthday.... Continue Reading →

Smashing Pumpkin (Beer, That Is…)

"If I'm walking by, it just looks like a headless horseman." When we last left our heroes, they were fiercely tasting, comparing, and enjoying two of their favorite pumpkin ales only to discover that the one they least expected to prevail, in fact, did! Now...they're at it again! Except this time, the pumpkin beer tasting... Continue Reading →

Through the Lens: My 2012 in Photos

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~Eudora Welty Well 2012, I happily bid thee adieu. It was quite a trying (yet mostly enjoyable?) year of difficult challenges, new friends and places, closing old doors and opening some unexpected ones, with much humor and debauchery along the way. Here's a peek at the... Continue Reading →

Destination: Milwaukee

Remember that time I drove from Princeton to Milwaukee over Labor Day weekend to surprise my parents? True story. Last month (better late than never with blogging, right?), a co-worker and I set out on a spontaneous, epic—and lengthy—journey to the Midwest, with stops in Streetsboro (Ohio...just for the night...thankfully), Kalamazoo, Chicago (where I dropped her off), and... Continue Reading →

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