My Hips Don’t Lie…Until They Do

With each passing year since my spinal fusion (yesterday marks 22!) new aches occasionally pop up reminding me that, while I had corrective surgery, scoliosis is still very much present in my body—and always will be. I’m aware of the usual culprits by now: discomfort on my left side where my upper curve lingers, a... Continue Reading →

A Master…Almost.

This past Wednesday, I did a big thing: I completed my master’s project for grad school. What a feat! I wrote a 7,500 word story—the longest piece of writing I’ve ever done—on scoliosis and body image. Would it surprise you to learn that I’ve never actually written about the two together before? True story. I... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Feel My Scar

I always reflect on my scoliosis journey on this day—my spinal fusion anniversary. I've been incredibly lucky to do and accomplish so many things over the past 21 years, from running marathons to working as a Disney character to embracing my inner woman of steel and start strength training. And all with metal rods flanking... Continue Reading →

Newlyweds in a Pandemic: A Reflection

To add to the ever-growing echo on the interwebs, 2020 was a year unlike anyone could have imagined. When Connor and I got married, we had no idea that barely 4 months later—and en route back to the United States from our honeymoon in New Zealand—we'd be entering into a weeks-long stay-at-home order and working... Continue Reading →

And Yet, Here We Are

Four months ago, Connor and I were enjoying the last few days of our honeymoon in New Zealand (more on that later), watching news about the quickly spreading coronavirus, knowing that we'd be heading back to the states in the midst of a global pandemic. Little did we know that our last day in the... Continue Reading →

The Great Golden Spinal Fusion-versary

Today is my back’s “golden birthday”. Nineteen years ago today on February 19, 2001, my life changed forever. Hello, stainless steel surgical rods, meet my scoliotic-ridden spine, of which you’re about to become intimately familiar. I’ve shared my back story many times over the years, from here on my blog to the Children’s Hospital of... Continue Reading →

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