Find Your Steel | Scoliosis Awareness Month

I’ve written a lot about my scoliosis journey over the years (here, then here, and don’t forget here). It’s been one of, if not the, single-most impactful, defining experience in my life. Every year on my spinal fusion-versary (February 19) I get a little nostalgic and reminisce about various things: the Bath and Body Works... Continue Reading →

Zaney to the Max

Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Well, sorry to disappoint, but the answer is "no," I don't have bologna in my slacks. But this past Friday, I was certainly zaney to the max! Connor got us tickets (Merry Christmas to me!) to see Animaniacs Live at Joe's Pub in the city and boy, did we have... Continue Reading →

Why I Run

It's Global Running Day! 5AM came rather quickly, but I surprisingly didn't have trouble getting out of bed. Connor and I planned on doing something this morning that we — interestingly — have never done before: run together on a week day before going to work. Anyone I know will tell you that I'm not... Continue Reading →

The Dog Days Are Over

 Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company... After six and a half years of happy, joyous, rewarding, unnecessarily stressful, and OCD-inducing employment at the house of mouse down in sunny (and blazing hot) Orlando, Florida, my days as a WDW cast member officially came to an end last weekend. A new company-wide... Continue Reading →

Baby, Got Back?

"I want you to count backward from 100." An anesthesia mask looms above. "Here, this tastes like bubble gum." I think to myself, "Ew, it most certainly does NOT taste like bubble gum." I start counting and barely make it to 97 when the room gets hazy and then...darkness. That was 10 years ago this... Continue Reading →

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