Through the Lens: My 2012 in Photos

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~Eudora Welty Well 2012, I happily bid thee adieu. It was quite a trying (yet mostly enjoyable?) year of difficult challenges, new friends and places, closing old doors and opening some unexpected ones, with much humor and debauchery along the way. Here's a peek at the... Continue Reading →

Words of the Big Apple

New York City has a way with words. It's a city that can be charming and charismatic one minute and then tell you to fuck off the next. Every time I set foot in Manhattan, it never fails to tell me something new, bring a smile to my face, and make me appreciate just being... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I find subways fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. Especially empty ones...creepy, mysterious, and wicked cool, all at the same time. We don't have them in Wisconsin (shocked?) and growing up, I rarely went down to Chicago or traveled to any other city with subways until I was 21, so they were a completely foreign concept and experience... Continue Reading →

Indiana Jones and the Last Red Velvet

Well folks, my Great Manhattan Red Velvet Cupcake Search Extravaganza has come to an end (for real this time). This has been nearly two years in the making and after countless hours of research; extensive travel up, down, and across the island; and a significant hole in my wallet, I have finally found the best... Continue Reading →

2010: The Year of Red Velvet

If last year was the year of Travel; this year, it's Red Velvet (This brief 2010 reflection is coming to you live at 2:45AM on 1/1/11 [ohh, that's freaky lookin'] due to my falling asleep on the couch around 11PM and waking up, five minutes ago. Holy anticlimactic New Years, Batman.) Since moving out... Continue Reading →

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