15 for 2015

We’re back in New Jersey after a long, relaxing (and much-needed) vacay in Wisconsin. This is also the first post of 2015, which makes it the perfect time for a 15 for 15 list! You all know how much I detest New Years resolutions; they’re mostly false promises that very few people actually adhere to and keep. But in the spirit of the new year, The Boy and I devised a list of Things to Do / Places to Go / Goals to Achieve for 2015. It took us a while to come up with 15 items, but some mindful thinking and Colectivo Coffee seemed to do the trick. Plus, once you write them down/make them public, you have to do them all, right? Here goes nothin’.

Things to Do
1. Run a 5K or 10K / We gotta work toward something, right? Especially for these two former track runners…a little friendly competition is always fun. Next step: picking a run and signing up!
2. Be a tourist in NYC for a day / Despite being in the city quite frequently, surprisingly we haven’t done many of the “must sees,” like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and The Met, just to name a few.
3. Attend a taping of one of the following: Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, or SNL / …because we like funny people.
4. Find 5 Pinterest projects to complete for the apartment / We have a lot of corks and it’s about time we do something fun with them. #gettingcrafty
5. Make limoncello from scratch / Because while 30 Rock was on, we never made Liz Lemoncello…blergh.

Places to Go
1. Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE /We love their beer, the brewery is nearby, and we keep talking and talking about it but haven’t visited yet.
2. Road trip: Maine and New Hampshire / These are the only two states in New England that I haven’t been to and I have a long-standing goal to visit all 50 states before I’m 50…I’m grossly behind my current age and need to catch up.
3. Brooklyn / ‘Cause we all need a day o’ fun in Brooklyn! Plus, there’s so much to explore and The Boy needs to trek across the bridge with me. 🙂
4. Road trip: Kentucky and Tennessee / I need to check TN off my list and The Boy needs to check both states off his list and hit up the bourbon trail.
5. A Green Bay Packer away game / Since visiting Lambeau Field twice in 2014, we thought it’d be fun to try taking in an away game that’s nowhere near us. We’d get to explore a new city, see a new stadium, and get to see our favorite team play. #GoPackGo

Goals to Achieve
1. Read a new book or play each month / I’m still trying to make reading a habit—I don’t dislike it; I just have trouble finding time…most of the time—but I did really well in 2014 and am upping the ante here. Plus, it’d give me something to consistently write about. See? Now you have something to look forward to.
2. Hit the gym at least two times a week / Our schedules for the next few months are pretty standard (even The Boy’s grad school schedule, hooray!), and for our own health and sanity, it needs to be incorporated into our regular schedule. On a related note: I’m starting to enjoy going first thing in the morning. Who woulda thunk? #nightowlproblems
3. Take the 52-week money challenge / Yes, we’ve seen it circulating on Facebook too and it’s an interesting concept. Though, we’re making a slight tweak: given that the last few weeks (and larger amounts) are in December—the month where traditionally money is most tight—we’re simply saving as much or little as we can each week. Some weeks will be better than others, but each week’s savings is positive and forward progress. #everylittlebithelps
4. Add yoga and stretching to our weekly workout routine / I truly envy the people who do yoga daily. It’s something I’d love to get in the habit of, but I have to start small with this and ease into it. Right now, I’m loving Tara Stiles’ YouTube videos; they’re short, well-shot, and fun. The Routine for a Deep Sleep is one of my faves.
5. Incorporate at least one vegetarian meal into the week’s schedule / We’ve actually done this before, mostly inadvertently. It’ll be good for us and our wallets. Experimenting with tempeh tomorrow…it’s gonna be great! #MeatlessMondays here we come!

Bring. It. On.
N & C

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  1. I resolve to comment more in your blog :-). Love the 15 for 15 list. I too am an advocate for the 50 before 50 but I’m doing pretty well. Last time I checked, I was at 34 states. Good luck with your list. Most of it sounds really fun which should help make it easier to accomplish.

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