One Down, Sixteen to Go

Week 1 of marathon training is officially in the books! It started off with some easy mileage, heading toward a weekly goal of 15 miles, which we took in stride (this will be the first of many running puns…you’ve been warned) and successfully completed.


Starting to train for any race, let alone a marathon, in the summer is a challenge unto itself. The days are hot, the air is humid and heavy, and the sweat is abundant.

Our two weekday runs (3 and 4 miles) had us waking up at 4:45am to be out the door shortly after 5am, before the sun rose and the morning heat started to creep in. The humidity was out in full force the whole week, so we filled our handheld bottles with Nuun Hydration (cherry limeade for the win!) to sip on as went. The humid air forced us to slow our pace down – one of the keys to safe summer running, along with smart hydration. I’ve been reading a lot about how slowing down your pace on these runs can make you faster. Hoping that our consistency will pay off!


Saturday and Sunday saw 3 and 5 miles respectively. Since this was our first back-to-back day in quite a while, we did some run/walk segments on Sunday for the first 3 miles, then ran the last 2. The temps on were already in the 70s when we started around 6:30am, so our focus was more about the time on our feet versus speed.

On tap this week is roughly the same schedule, but a longer Sunday run of 7 miles. I’m so glad our rest days fall on Fridays, because we’re seeing Taylor Swift this week (are you ready for it?!). I’m hoping the energy of the concert will help me stay awake (along with a strategically timed evening iced coffee) since my bedtime has been in the range of 9:30 – 10:30 lately. When any tiredness tries to seep in, I’ll just shake it off.

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