Post-WDW Half Marathon Thoughts

Now that we've returned from the happiest place on earth and (I think) recovered from our first half marathon, we wanted to share the excitement and experience of race day and what we learned. First of all...we did it! And we completed the race in under three hours, which was our goal (not too shabby... Continue Reading →

Top 5: Walt Disney World

#wdwnatcon That's right, we used a hashtag for our Disney trip (thanks for the inspiration, Meghan). Five fun-filled days of excellent food, drinks, and, of course, the kind of magic one can only get on a Walt Disney World vacation. Quick back story: I haven't been down to WDW in two and a half years; The Boy... Continue Reading →

The Dog Days Are Over

 Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company... After six and a half years of happy, joyous, rewarding, unnecessarily stressful, and OCD-inducing employment at the house of mouse down in sunny (and blazing hot) Orlando, Florida, my days as a WDW cast member officially came to an end last weekend. A new company-wide... Continue Reading →

No bones about it!

So, I came across this article about how Snoopy was named the Top Dog in pop culture via an American Kennel Club survey. Snoopy is top dog? Balls. Goofy even beat out Pluto, ranking 29 to 35, respectively. I bet it's cause he's anthropomorphic and Pluto's, well, just a dog. Balls again. Now, I am... Continue Reading →

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