Your Black and White Needs a Little Bit of Red

I recently came into possession of a nifty (and free!) piece of furniture from a co-worker who was looking to unload it from the living room of her new apartment (thanks, Emilia!). It had been left by the previous tenant and I believe it may have been/was intended to be used as a china cabinet/hutch in a dining room; it just has that look. It was sitting in the corner of her living room and, thanks to the creativeness (and laziness?) of the previous owners, only the visible parts of it were painted. In a shabby white paint. Yeah…it’s like someone was painting the walls of the living room and simply forgot to remove the hutch as it quite possibly could have just been a primer coating it.

Due to my lack of closet space, abundance of clothes, and a strong need to have a bright red piece of furniture in my apartment (true…), when it was offered up I immediately took it! I got red paint (actually, the color is called heirloom tomato) and wooden drawer knobs to paint myself. All in all, I think it cost around $25. Not too shabby! So after a little patience, some TLC, and inhaling paint fumes for a week, this was the result:

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