A Soup-er Election Night

My 2012 election day went a little something like this:

November 6
8:24am — Wake up. Just living the cushy 10 to 6 life, like ya do.

9:42am — Cast my first vote as a New Jersey resident (gosh, that’s weird to say).

*avoided social media and news outlets as much as possible throughout the day*

Well, except for searching out this, of course:

8:32pm — Got back to my apartment after work and did pilates and yoga in an attempt to distract myself from looking at election coverage.

10:00pm — Started trolling Facebook, Twitter, and the Huffington Post. Read that Wisconsin went for Obama…did a little happy dance as only a proud, displaced cheesehead can. On Wisconsin!

10:18pm — My internet craps out (what the what?!?). More pilates. And calm thoughts.

10:43pm — Internet mysteriously came back to life and I had to remind myself that, nine times out of ten, no matter how many times I refreshed the Huff Post homepage within a minute, the map and numbers weren’t very likely to change. Best option at that point? Crack open my election beverage of choice: Spotted Cow.

10:48pm — After realizing I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, I started making this delicious looking soup, Coconut milk and corn chowder (alas, I was out of shrimp).

11:00pm — Turned on The Daily Show‘s live election coverage and listened to it while making my soup…within five minutes, I had to temporarily halt my cooking because shit was getting real.

11:28pm (or thereabouts) — Reports started coming in that the election was being called for Obama. Soup making was completely abandoned. Fled to my living room and sat on the floor, flipping back and forth between my laptop on the couch and the TV.

11:57pm — Obama wins! After many smiles, enthusiastic texts, and much social media excitement over the President’s win, Tammy Baldwin’s victory (D – WI), and Wisconsin going blue, I remembered my soup.

November 7
12:22am —  Finally sat down to enjoy my soup and what was left of my Spotted Cow and wait for the President’s speech. 

1:58am — President Obama finished one of the best and most powerful speeches I’d ever heard and was so inspiring that I literally got chills. I am so proud to be from Wisconsin and a current resident of New Jersey. And…damn it feels good to be a woman in America right now.

“Forward. That’s where we need to go.”  – President Barack Obama

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