Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee: A Midwestern Gal’s Guide to Prepping for a Hurricane

In the three years that I’ve been on the East Coast, the impending Frankenstorm that’s supposed to clobber us later today is only the second hurricane/epic superstorm that I’ve ever experienced (yeah, I’m talking about you too, Irene). Though you wouldn’t know it by looking out my window right now—the calm before the storm, right?

Hurricanes are certainly not something this Wisconsin gal knows how to deal with and prepare for very well. A high of minus 2 plus a 30 below windchill? Sure thing, I’ll put on an extra scarf. Feet upon feet of snow falling all at once? Bring it on, I’ve got awesome boots. Hurricanes disguised as Frankenstorms that put us in a state of emergency days before the storm is slated to wallop us? Hmm, ok…glad I live on the third floor, so now what do I do?

In talking with New Jerseyans and Wisconsinites and trolling social media over the last 48 hours, here’s my plan:

Start using up perishables in the refrigerator.
I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread earlier and used up my eggs. Next? Just had ice cream for breakfast. WINNING.

Stock the booze cabinet and wine rack.
Done and done. I’m also filing this one under ‘Good Life Choices.’

Charge the shit out of your technology.
Even if we lose power, at least I’ll be able to play Temple Run and Cut the Rope on my iPad for the next few days.

Stock up on healthy, non-refrigerated items.
I have a gas stove (whew, dodged a bullet there I think), so I have a few more options to work with, thankfully…otherwise I’d be living off of bananas, dried mango, pistachios, and Cliff Bars for days and days.

Replenish my stock pile of batteries that was recently depleted by the needy Wii remote.
Battery sucking Wii remote. I think I’m set with AA’s for life now.

Invest in some candles.
Hooray for mood lighting. Pumpkin spice candle? Check. Pomegranate candle? Check. My apartment is going to smell like fall…or a Michael’s store.

Have plenty of reading material on hand for when the power goes out.
I had some frequent flyer miles to burn and recently got nine—that’s right, NINE—magazine subscriptions. I don’t think I’ll have a problem keeping busy. Reading by candlelight? How romantic.

Keep in contact with people.
Especially since I live by myself, have no immediate family in the area, and because I’m an only child (not sure why, but I always feel the need to toss that in there), this is incredibly important. It’s times like this that I’m incredibly thankful for having a smart phone. And Twitter. How else would I keep up with the news?

What’s left to do now except sit and wait? We all know my affinity for The West Wing (understatement of the year), but this is pretty much my exact thought about our current state of Sandy-readiness:

We’re all literally just watching and waiting and are as prepared as we could possibly be right now. There’s not really much left to do at this point. No rain yet, but the wind has started to pick up in Princeton a bit in the last few hours…Sandy’s a brewin’. Stay safe.

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