A Spontaneous Trek to Titletown

It all started with an unexpected flight delay last Thursday morning. Well, four of them actually. The outlook for getting from Milwaukee to Philadelphia was grim.

With the impending doom of a snow storm on the east coast, we rebooked our flight back east from the holidays to this morning (lucky too cause our multi-delayed original flight ultimately ended up being cancelled). Never underestimate the spontaneity of two mildly bitter travelers drinking Fat Squirrel; anything can happen. And indeed something did—we bought tickets to the Packers vs 49ers playoff game in Green Bay.  Surprisingly, many tickets were still available and this game was threatened with a 100-mile radius blackout by the NFL if more tickets weren’t sold. Since we had to rebook our flight anyway, why not stay a little longer, take in the game, and help the cause to prevent a blackout? And we did.

The game forecast: a high of 10 with a windchill of -3. Bring. It. On.


Call me old-fashioned, but there’s just something iconic about making the trek from Milwaukee to Lambeau Field in the bitter cold. Though I went up to Green Bay for a game many times as a kid, it didn’t mean quite the same thing to me then as it does now. Driving by farm after farm, surrounded by cars packed with fans decked out in green, gold, camouflage, and blaze orange until you see the big “G” atop Lambeau (or until traffic backs up, whichever comes first).

Section 136, row 59: our spot. Just off the aisle and near the top of the original field for a quick dash to the delightfully heated restrooms. We stood on insulation to help keep us warm (true story), drank copious amounts of hot chocolate (shout out to the folks that provided that to all 77,000+ of us free of charge), gobbled down cheese curds (see below), and survived the game in tact (except for our toes, those were the only things that were consistently wicked cold).

Watching the Pack play in frigid temperatures at Lambeau Field surrounded by fans screaming “Go Pack Go!”…there’s nothing else quite like it. It was a true Packers experience. Despite the loss and the Packers  injury-riddled season coming to the close, we can at least be sure of one thing: the Bears still suck.

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  1. Spoken like a true Packer fan, through and through. Thanks for sharing this with those of us who had to sadly stay at home to watch the game….under a 70 degree, sun lite sky with a glass of wine and of course wisconsin cheese and usingers summer sausage. Just was. Or the same. Thank you.

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