Weekend in Photos: Washington, D.C.

The West Wing, House of Cards, Veep, The Daily Show, The American President…I’m a huge fan of political dramas and satires, yet I have no interest in actual politics (go figure). I first went to Washington, DC three years ago and was utterly fascinated by all there is to see and do; this past weekend was no exception. I traveled down to DC to galavant around the city with a college friend of mine and man oh man did we log the miles (I’m afraid to map it, but I have a blister on my left pinky toe to prove it). From wandering around the Newseum (journalism nerds!) and visiting various Smithsonian buildings and the Holocaust Museum, to walking across the Arlington Bridge, riding bikes around the entire Tidal Basin, and scaling the Washington Monument (ok, so we didn’t exactly scale it; we rode up the elevator, but it was still pretty bad ass) …We. Did. So. Much. (We also stopped at Foggy Bottom so that I could say I went to Foggy Bottom…I blame this clip from The West Wing: Root Canal).

The short trip was also a great excuse to play around with the Nikon. I still need to learn more about how to use the camera, but hey, practice makes perfect right? A handful of shots are below. The flags at sunset and looking across the still water of the mall toward the Washington Monument are my two favorites. #photogwannabe

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