“Meet Me Tonight In Atlantic City”

Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty,
and meet me tonight in Atlantic City.
-Bruce Springsteen-

Atlantic City, New Jersey: a place I’ve been to only once and actually never thought I’d find myself back in. Until this weekend, that is. The casino atmosphere has zero appeal and I’m not much of a beach dweller (though I love looking at the ocean and walking along the shore), but Connor found himself there on a business trip and I—desperate to escape Princeton for a little while—decided to tag along. As I was cruising down the Atlantic City Expressway last Friday night, I strategically made sure this classic Springsteen song was playing:

While Connor was working I strolled along the ocean (picking up #alloftheshells like my younger self would have done), meandered the Boardwalk, saw a Broadway show (while discovering my inner Elf), and delighted in salt water taffy and the many little surprises and oddities I stumbled upon (like the awesomely creepy Miss America statue across from Boardwalk Hall). I wandered in and out of numerous casinos just to scope out the atmosphere (as unappealing as I find the casino culture, it’s also weirdly fascinating to me, mostly because I don’t understand any of it) and find the coolest/most bizarre slot machine. There’s something delightfully adventurous about being in a city where you don’t know anyone, can freely wander, and have no agenda or anything pressing to think about. Connor was even able to sneak in a little beach time and wandering with me too. And we spent (wasted?) a whopping $5 on a few slot machines, which was amusing…that Britney Spears slot though? Not as “lucky” as I would have thought. Anyway, here are some fun shots from the weekend’s escapades!

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