Pre-Race Day Thoughts

It’s your not-so-typical Natalie/Connor Friday night here at the happiest place on earth. Instead of gallivanting around the parks as per usual, we are lounging in our room before dinner, awaiting the much-anticipated event of the last few months: the Walt Disney World Half Marathon.

This is the first half marathon for us both and just being down here over the last few days, I can’t imagine doing it any place else. The training schedule, which started in September, definitely had its challenges (work conflicts, travel, illness), but we adjusted as needed and still managed to figure out our optimal run/walk system (as well as the best times to hit our GU too, of course). We’re aiming to do 5 minutes running/3 minutes walking for the first 5 miles and then do 6 minutes running/4 minutes walking for the rest of the way, adding an extra minute walking at each hour mark and when we GU (my sweet tooth usually pulls me to more chocolaty things, but for some weird reason, the cherry lime flavor is totally my jam!).

One of the things I think I liked best about the whole training process was actually documenting it. For pretty much every training run, we took a photo and shared it (check out #WDWnatcontraining on Instagram if you’re interested!). It was a small way to add some creativity to our runs and I found that I enjoyed the process more while doing it. Here’s one of my faves from our 11-miler…we channeled our inner Aaron Rodgers (Go Pack Go!).

We definitely feel ready for the race tomorrow morning. Not in an “OMG let’s get this over with” kind of way, but it feels like we’ve been training for so long now, it’s just time to rip that Mickey band aid off and do it!

There are just too many good photo gems from the #WDWnatcontraining catalog not to share. Hmmm, I sense a theme here. #GoPackGo #GoNatConGo


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