Dumbo Double Dare Training Log: Weeks 10 + 11

Sometimes even the best laid plans get bamboozled.

I was supposed to be in Wisconsin this weekend but between multiple canceled flights and running around Newark airport like a tired lunatic at an ungodly hour of the morning (yup, that was me in the Packer hat), I pushed my entire travel itinerary to next week. I missed the Storm the Bastille nighttime 5K through downtown Milwaukee, but oh well, there’s always next year! I was working on a draft of our week 10 #NatConTraining log, but between work stuff and the epic travel kerfuffle, I just couldn’t finish it, so here’s a week 10 + 11 combo post.

July 10, 2016 – 9.5 and stayin’ alive!
I did not want to get out of bed Sunday morning. My arm buzzed (gee, thanks FitBit) at 7:20am and I frantically tapped the device (eyes still closed and half asleep mind you) to shut it up…oops, I mean shut it off. At that moment, getting out of bed was as unappealing a task as the other important one staring me in the face: running 9.5 miles. After about 20 minutes of staring at the ceiling, just me alone with my thoughts, the sarcastic side of my brain said: “ya know, that half marathon isn’t going to train itself”…so, perhaps a little begrudgingly, rolled out of bed. Luckily, I had my clothes, shoes, and fuel all prepped the night before in case of such an event.

For all the half marathon training long runs so far, I haven’t run to music. I’ll occasionally use it on the shorter 30-45 minute runs (I mean, who doesn’t love running to some Springsteen, am I right?), but not for the longer runs. Running the race with music isn’t something I plan to do (it is Disney after all; gotta enjoy all those sights and sounds!), so I definitely don’t want to train with music and then get used to running with it and be mentally effected during the actual race. This past Sunday was an exception. And boy did it help!

I went into the run with no time expectation or goal; I just tried to relax and do what I needed to do. Which, interestingly, I ended up actually achieving that while focusing on form. The run still had its rough patches (this one stretch of road along my route always ends up being my slowest mile), but of this I can often be certain: the runs that seem difficult at the beginning, end up surprising you in the end. Also – I had way too much fun taking post-run pics this day. Had to make sure I was between 9 and 10.

So on my current route, I pass a statue of The Boss on Nassau Street (at least once, if not twice) and every time I pass by, I tap the top of his head. Because why not? #BornToRun Toward the end of my 9.5 miler, I happened to be walking by, which was a little unusual, so I stopped for a quick selfie.

July 17, 2016 – 4 miles
It was a hot, humid, and sweaty 4-miler today. I got a later start than I wanted to this morning (Between all the travel stuff last week I was getting up much earlier than normal and thought I could try to get into a better and earlier morning routine…yeah, nope. This girl needs her 7-8 hours of sleep. But I’ll keep trying), but still made it work and finished before the temps got above 85 degrees.

Humidity and I are not friends (wait, is anyone friends with humidity?). Alone with my own thoughts this morning (no music today), I kept thinking about my high school self and that inhaler that was a constant presence in my bag during basketball and track season. Humidity was always the x-factor in triggering the hyperventilation/exercise-induced asthma for me, particularly during basketball (gyms with no AC, bring it!). After high school, I never used that inhaler again. There’s a strong possibility it could be hiding in my senior year pair of track spikes…mmm, gross. Aren’t running thoughts interesting?


In an attempt to get creative with my stadium mileage tracking photos (points for trying?),  today’s is below. Though I still had to at least take a selfie since today I could put up the mileage on one hand and I just like taking pics with my Packers running hat. Next week, weather/Mother Nature/United Airlines-permitting, I’ll get crafty with some Milwaukee shots so stay tuned! 🙂

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