Tuesday Night Ramblings

Well, I think it’s official: I’m an adult. Not only did I do my own taxes this weekend (true story!) but I also got HBO. Two very adulty things, if you ask me.

I somehow managed to finish my taxes at about the same time I finished my traditional Saturday morning cup o’ Alterra Coffee and then I thought, Hmm, what should I do now? I know. I’ll sign up for HBO. Ok, so that’s not exactly…yes, actually, that’s exactly how it happened. I’ve been on the prowl for some well-written, entertaining (and dare I say engaging?) TV ever since The West Wing and Frasier went off the air (yes, I’m aware of how long ago that was). I’m a big 30 Rock fan and am a recent convert to Smash (well, obviously), but that’s about it. My MO for the last few years has been re-watching my favorite shows because 1. I really never get tired of watching them 2. I love the characters and 3. there’s a lack of “good” TV on air right now. I’m still trying to recover the braincells I lost from watching 5 minutes of Jersey Shore in August 2010.

As a picky TV viewer, I think Girls, Veep, and the new Aaron Sorkin newsroom drama whose name escapes me, all look great and for only $10 more per month, PFFT! I couldn’t pass that up. HBO, baby!

And this has been a Tuesday night ramble. It’s 11:57pm, I ran a lot today, there’s an amazing breeze coming through my window, and I’m watching a rerun of Frasier on Hallmark right now. Humor me.

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