Back in the Shoe

That was a late night (and pretty lame, I might add) attempt at a clever title, riffing on “back in the saddle”…Uber. Fail.

In other news, I went for a run tonight for the first time in—checks watch—probably two months. It was a lovely fall evening in Princeton (it’s currently a chilly 47 degrees) and an easy little run was exactly what I needed: the moon lit up the sky, the air was chilly, my head was clear, and I was kicking it old school (Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz “Get Low” and “Toxic” by the one and only Miss Britney Spears, anyone?). Not that I thought I’d have extreme difficulty getting back into running, but it’s always refreshing when the first time back goes incredibly well. It’s always about taking that first, and ever important step, right?

And speaking of taking that first step, it’s time to get back in the blogging saddle too (Ah ha! Fail no more, that worked). Since the previous epic NYC adventure post, The Boy and I took a trip to Milwaukee (which was awesome beyond words), we’ve moved to a new apartment across town (when did we become adults living in a fancy place all of a sudden?), he’s started grad school at Columbia, and I’ve just begun to get into the nitty-gritty of my new position at work. Holy ton of changes, Batman. Bring it on, bring on fall time, and bring on the running. I’m ready! And the new Daft Punk song “Get Lucky” just came on Radio Milwaukee (I’m obsessed with this station)…time to dance it out and call it a night. Peace!

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