Movin’ and Groovin’ 

Connor’s Corner Column:
After the thermodynamic wallop we took during the NYRR 7-Miler (read more here: The Dog Days of Summer Running), our recent focus has been about taking the lessons we learned from that race and turning the page. The weekday runs throughout August have us scheduled to hit a 4-mile shake out on Tuesdays, some strength/cross training on Wednesdays, and a speedy 3-miler on Thursdays.

This week found a couple of adjustments to our normal routine. We hit our early morning Tuesday 4-miler with no problem, but for the Thursday 3-miler we made a decision to go in the evening to give the writer of this blog post a little bit of a chance to sleep in after attending a Phish concert in Camden, NJ on Wednesday night.

Running in the evening during the summer:
It wasn’t as bad as we kept telling ourselves it could be. While the temperatures might have been a little warmer, the humidity wasn’t in the 97-100% range that we’ve gotten “used to” for our morning runs. It also helped that the corporate park loop we ran around was holding a mid-summer festival and you could hear the DJ’s music thumping in the distance. A nice distraction and definitely something we wouldn’t have seen if we went for our run in the morning.

Tread Dread:
The second change came on Saturday where the forecast called for torrential thunderstorms for most of the day. We decided to play it safe and take the run inside for 5 miles on the treadmill. Now, I know there are people who swear by the treadmill, and some who even prefer it…but we are not those people. The good part of the treadmill was that we were able to keep our speeds in check. However, 60 minutes of running and not really going anywhere isn’t eventful, even if you’re watching The X-Files or Mom, like the gal running next to me. By the end of the run, we both looked at the ‘mill like:

Image result for allison janney running gif

Sunday’s long run finally brought us into two-digit land with 10 miles on the agenda. The temps were in the low 70s and the humidity around 100% when we began the run. Thankfully a soft, refreshing breeze and total cloud cover kept things tolerable for us. We also went back to our 9/3 run/walk segments, which was very helpful in covering the distance in those conditions. We also refueled every 30 minutes which kept our legs feeling very good throughout the entire run even after running 5 miles on the hard treadmill the day before.

Week 5 found us really starting to discover our stride and surrendering to the ebb and flow of the marathon training schedule. With the two weekend long runs starting to ramp up, we seem to have found the right strategy to tackle them and get stronger each week. Twelve weeks out and we are movin’ and groovin’ in the right direction.

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