Weekend in Photos: Washington, D.C.

The West Wing, House of Cards, Veep, The Daily Show, The American President...I'm a huge fan of political dramas and satires, yet I have no interest in actual politics (go figure). I first went to Washington, DC three years ago and was utterly fascinated by all there is to see and do; this past weekend... Continue Reading →

The Wisconsin Brewery Mothership

Real women don't drink light beer. Confession: despite being from Brew City, I haven't always enjoyed beer. In fact, it wasn't until moving to the East Coast that I became a bit of a beer snob; specifically, a Wisconsin beer snob. We take our beer seriously in Wisconsin. From Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee (OMG best brewery... Continue Reading →

Just Another Roll of the Dice

Let's talk about the first time I saw Springsteen in concert... ...that was last weekend. The boy, being born and bred in New Jersey, is quite an avid fan (to say the least). A few months ago during the heat of graduate school when Bruce announced some U.S. tour dates, he jumped at tickets to The... Continue Reading →


Remember that time The Boy and I decided to intentionally miss the last train back to New Jersey from Penn Station on a Saturday night, wander around the city during the wee hours of the morning and then watch the sun rise from Coney Island? We do (though some of it's a bit fuzzy). Thank... Continue Reading →

52 Hours in Montréal…Oh, Canada

People said we were crazy; we said we're awesome. On January 9, a friend of mine and I had a conversation that went a little something like this... My friend: Are you busy MLK Day weekend? Me: *sigh*...nope. My friend: ...Want to go to Montréal? Me: YES. And so we did...10 days later. Snow and cold temperatures... Continue Reading →

Through the Lens: My 2012 in Photos

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~Eudora Welty Well 2012, I happily bid thee adieu. It was quite a trying (yet mostly enjoyable?) year of difficult challenges, new friends and places, closing old doors and opening some unexpected ones, with much humor and debauchery along the way. Here's a peek at the... Continue Reading →

Hello Ellie, Farewell Newbie

I just got an Ellie. That's right: an Ellie. She's the new Hyundai Elantra that came into my life a few days ago when it was officially time to retire Newbie—my faithful Ford Focus that's been traveling with me for the last 11 years since my high school days (whom I affectionately called Newbs for... Continue Reading →

My Old Kentucky [Bourbon] Home

BREAKING NEWS! In my quest to visit all 50 states before I turn 50, I hit my 20th state a few weeks ago: Kentucky. I know what you're thinking...why on earth would you choose to go to Kentucky for a weekend in the middle of August? To explore the bourbon trail, of course! (Isn't that everyone's... Continue Reading →

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