Words of the Big Apple

New York City has a way with words. It's a city that can be charming and charismatic one minute and then tell you to fuck off the next. Every time I set foot in Manhattan, it never fails to tell me something new, bring a smile to my face, and make me appreciate just being... Continue Reading →

A Soup-er Election Night

My 2012 election day went a little something like this: November 6 8:24am — Wake up. Just living the cushy 10 to 6 life, like ya do. 9:42am — Cast my first vote as a New Jersey resident (gosh, that's weird to say). *avoided social media and news outlets as much as possible throughout the... Continue Reading →

Breathing’s Just a Rhythm

Me? I like to think I'm a pretty simple gal. It doesn't take much to keep me content or make me happy (as much as I may not want to admit it, I think I can attribute that and my sometimes oddly cheerful demeanor to all my years with Disney...but I digress). I went running... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Night Ramblings

Well, I think it's official: I'm an adult. Not only did I do my own taxes this weekend (true story!) but I also got HBO. Two very adulty things, if you ask me. I somehow managed to finish my taxes at about the same time I finished my traditional Saturday morning cup o' Alterra Coffee... Continue Reading →

12 for 2012

I will freely admit that I'm not one for New Year's resolutions. In fact, I kind of dislike them (I really don't know why; the word 'resolution' just bothers me for some reason). However, being severely under the weather these last few weeks has afforded me some much unexpected downtime (both a blessing and a... Continue Reading →

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